Zombie Raid

Zombie Raid is a horror themed on rail shooter that was developed by American Sammy for arcade halls. You are a detective who is investigating recent grave robberies and kidnappings, but everytime you arrive at the scene you get attacked by zombies and other otherworldly and hellish
creatures. The goal of the game is to shoot every enemy before they are able to attack/kill you. But at the same time you have to watch out for innocent bystanders and for hidden triggers/pick ups to progress in the game.

About the project

This game is written in C++ with an engine given by a teacher. The game is an on rail shooter so the player only has to aim, shoot and reload to play. This project was a school assignment and was entirely done on my own. All the enemies have a pattern they have to follow (GoTowards, Aim, Shoot, RunAway) and are triggered by a camera rail that the player follows in the level. These triggers are placed between 2 points with a timing value so that when the developer changes the camera position it will not affect the triggers. As a final note, the drawcalls are ordered with paralax movement and give the player a feeling that there is depth in the level.