Secret Agent P. Uzzle

You are the world’s most successful secret agent and are selected to capture Dr. Von B√∂senstein. Avoid traps, don’t get stuck and most of all: don’t die! Can you puzzle your way through all the, sometimes very deadly, rooms? Follow my progress here

Terraria (mobile)

Terraria is a 2D action/adventure sandbox game where you can explore, craft, construct and fight in a procedural generated world. The player can choose to create awesome structures or to fight the countless enemies and bosses that will try to kill him. First released on PC and now available on smartphones as well. Read more.


Inspirit is a fast paced hexagonal RTS where you are a god that needs to regain power over the lands he once ruled. You need to use spirits that you can gain by giving faith to towns to destroy the evil spirits that gain power over the lands by infecting it and to help the spirits you can use three powers to vanquish the evil reigning over the lands. Read more.

Chained Reactions

Chained Reactions is a Physics Puzzle Platformer. You are a boy on his way to adulthood. Your tribe is part of a post apocalyptic world where ancient technology has been reduced to the status of divine working. An ancient battlestation now functions as a proving ground for the boy and you have to reach the ends and unlock the highest tier to prove your worth to the tribe. Read more.

Zombie Raid

Zombie Raid is a horror themed on rail shooter that was developed by American Sammy for arcade halls. You are a detective who is investigating recent grave robberies and kidnappings, but everytime you arrive at the scene you get attacked by zombies and other otherworldly and hellish creatures. Read more.