Inspirit is a fast paced hexagonal RTS where you are a god that needs to regain power over the lands he once ruled. You need to use spirits that you can gain by giving faith to towns to destroy the evil spirits that gain power over the lands by infecting it and to help the spirits you can use three powers to vanquish the evil reigning over the lands.

Menu of Inspirit

About the project

This game is written in XNA/C# with a team of in total two programmers (Pieterjan Jonckheere and myself) and two artists (Jessie Van Aelst and Nanou De Winde). I wrote the base code to work on, level loader, menus, settings, the virus like infection AI, the unit AI, camera and the shader. Pieterjan wrote the tutorial system, powers to deploy, rendering system and the faith power system. The level is loaded in with an Xml and this makes it possible to add multiple levels/stages, for this project we only needed to have one complete level with all the possible landscapes you could encounter, e.g. The forests give the evil spirits an advantage while on normal ground the player has that advantage.

In game screenshot where the player gathered all the spirits


Corremans Thomas


Base framework, Gameplay, Level loader, Menus, Settings, AI, Camera, Shader, Particle emitters, Performance

Jonckheere Pieterjan profile


Talismans, Rendering, Tutorial, Gameplay, Faith system, Level design

Van Aelst Jessie profile


3D models, Textures, Atmosphere design, Menu design, Art style

De Winde Nanou profile


3D models, HUD design, Art style, Story