Chained Reactions

Chained Reactions is a Physics Puzzle Platformer. You are a boy on his way to adulthood. Your tribe is part of a post apocalyptic world where ancient technology has been reduced to the status of divine working. An ancient battlestation now functions as a proving ground for the boy and you have to reach the ends and unlock the highest tier to prove your worth to the tribe.

In game screenshot where the player has to solve a puzzle

About the project

This game is written in UDK, I was responsible for the puzzle trigger systems, base for the gravitation orbs, puzzle logic and level design. The goal of the game is to use your ability to change the polarity of your suit in combination with gravitation orbs which you position in the level. For the main puzzle logic we also used standard platformer mechanics suchas pressure pads, buttons, code locks and sockets which used orbs to activate.

Level where the tests take place


Corremans Thomas


Trigger systems, base for the gravitation orbs, puzzle logic and level design

Deboutte Baptiste profile


Character physics, grav-field mechanics, weapon system, gravitation orb finalization, sockets for advancing in levels

Gonzáles Lezcano Dalia profile


Main 3D modeling, character modeling, lighting, base level flow and texturing.

Loiseaux Stan profile


Environment painting, setting design and additional 3D models